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The active ingredients of anadrole are what make this anabolic steroid a safer, effective alternate of anadrol. DietHealthMag!

These have been thoroughly studied and researched prior to the formulation of anadrol.

Crazybulk, the company has always remained clear about the ingredients of its product line, as it supports the customer’s right of knowing what they are purchasing.

It is for this reason, the ingredients and their quantities are always mentioned on the packaging of the supplements for you to know what you are about to take.

Mentioned below are some ingredients of anadrole:

ü  Whey protein isolate.

ü  Soy protein isolate.

ü  Acetyl L-Carnitine.

ü  Shilajat (Asphaltum).


The best thing about using anadrole is the fact that it works naturally, yet manages to deliver the results of anadrol.

It simply increases the process of protein synthesis in the body, which ensures more protein is supplied to your muscles for them to nourish and develop, in turn.

In addition to this, anadrole also helps to boost the making of testosterone, a hormone that holds great importance for the achievement of your bodybuilding goals. 

Well, this is not just enough; anadrole works through a number of mechanisms for you to attain the maximum from this bodybuilding supplement.

It also improves the making of red blood cells in the body. By this, more oxygen is supplied to your muscles at the time of strenuous exercises.

In turn, your muscles grow at a speedy pace. As mentioned earlier, anadrole also helps to avert water retention, which enables your muscles to build denser and harder.


If you are willing to make the most from your money, I would suggest you to be particular with its usage.

That is, use the supplement as per the instructions, consistently. An on-cycle of 8 weeks is recommended for the users, followed by 6 weeks break.

Anadrol, like the other supplements of crazybulk, comes in the form of tablets that needs to be taken by mouth.

So, to use it, simply have one tablet, twice a day with your main meals.

However, one thing you need to ensure is that the usage is continued even during the days you are not working out.

By this, the supplement will be enabled to work even while your body is at rest. Plus, do not consume the supplement minutes before you start with your exercises, and thus keep a break of at least 30 minutes in between the two.


Avoid increasing your dosage, unless being advised by a medical practitioner or a fitness expert.